2023-2024 Team

Currently, Michigan Tech has a very large team, sporting a roster of over 30 students enrolled in 8 different majors. The team is filled with hardworking individuals who are involved in all aspects of the competition. The team is welcoming of new members and continually proves to be a great way to learn from other students outside the classroom and form new friendships.


Lydia Lamey

Lydia is a third year Geology and Applied Geophysics major. In addition to being captain and project manager, Lydia paddles for the team.

Samuel Pendell

Samuel is a third year Civil Engineering major. He fills the roles of co-captain and deliverables lead. Samuel is also a presenter and paddler for the team.


Lab Manager: Duffy Karstrom

Duffy is a fourth year Civil Engineering major and is graduating this spring. In past years, he has been the head of the mix committee. This year he has taken on the role of lab coordinator and continues to oversee mix design.

Treasurer: Patrick Mungcal

Patrick is a third year Mechanical Engineering major. As treasurer, he manages the budget as well as fundraising for the team.

Secretary: Lauren Kubow

Lauren is a second year Mechanical Engineering major. She is in charge of meeting minutes for the team and is also a paddler and presenter.

Paddling Coordinator: Colin Vander Beek

Colin is a fifth year grad student graduating this spring. He leads the team's paddling practices, preparing them for a successful competition.

Committee Heads

Reinforcement Head: Luke Sturm

Luke is a fourth year Civil Engineering major graduating this spring. He oversees the reinforcement design for the canoe

Hull Design Head: Maxwell Hazen

Max is a fourth year Civil Engineering major. He oversees hull design, mold construction, and demolding.

Mix Head: Christopher Eder

Chris is a second year Material Science Engineering major, he oversees mix development and design.

Stands and Display Head: Suraiya Siddiqi

Suraiya is a fourth year Civil Engineering major, she oversees design and construction of competition stands and display.

Finishing Head: Michele Reinke

Micky is a fourth year Civil Engineering major, she oversees post construction canoe aesthetic design.

Deliverables Head: Lydia Lamey & Colin Vander Beek

Paper and presentation.

QC/QA Head: Sydney Streveler

Sydney is a fifth year Civil and Geospatial Engineering major and is graduating this spring. She oversees troweling practices, canoe construction, and cross section construction

Strucural Analysis Head: Jacob Byron

Jacob is a Mechanical Engineering major. He oversees canoe design, structure, and safety.


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