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Types of Support

Teaching Assistantships

Teaching assistantships are offered to qualified applicants. Graduate teaching assistants (GTAs) work with the faculty and conduct recitation and laboratory sections. First-year graduate students are generally supported as GTAs. A typical GTA package includes tuition, fees, and a stipend. Stipends are adjusted periodically to ensure that they are competitive. For more information, contact the Graduate Program Assistant.

Research Assistantships

Research assistantships are offered to qualified applicants. The research conducted in the department is supported by external funds. Graduate students performing research on these projects are supported as research assistants. Graduate research assistants (GRAs) are not assigned to teaching duties. The stipend and benefits are the same as those for GTAs.

Finishing Fellowships

The Graduate School offers a limited number of competitive Finishing Fellowships for one or two semesters to PhD students in residence who are close to finishing their dissertations. For more information, please review the Graduate School website.

Other Funding

  • External Graduate Research Fellowships.  Faculty in the CEGE Department, or from across campus, may secure research funding that contains employment opportunities for qualified graduate students, e.g., "piggyback" NSF grants (for public outreach) or web-page design. Students are encouraged to seek outside support and funding, as long as the work or research entailed is consistent with and supportive of a student's progress towards completion of the MS or Ph.D. degree.
  • Other Fellowships.  A number of competitively awarded fellowships are available for research and dissertation completion. Securing prestigious awards provides time for concentration on one’s research and writing. See a partial list of available awards at the Graduate School website:
  • Summer Youth Programs. Students may find employment as counselors or instructors in various summer youth/outreach programs offered by the university. See the web page at or contact the Educational Opportunity Office on campus for more information.
  • Danielle Ladwig Award for Graduate Excellence.  This award is made annually to a graduate level student in civil or environmental engineering in recognition of outstanding achievement in academics, research, and service, in memory of our friend and colleague, Danielle Ladwig.  This award is accompanied by the Pati and Soumitri Reddy $1000 endowed fellowship.
  • Wilbur Haas Graduate Research Excellence Award. This award is made annually to a graduate level student in civil or environmental engineering to recognize outstanding student scholarship and research contributions.  This award is accompanied by a $1000 departmental fellowship.