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Fundamentally, students can gauge their progress in their coursework and research credits using the following explanation of letter grades. Faculty may opt to distinguish between excellent and good graduate work and inform students of those distinctions.


Level of Progress


Excellent and good graduate work


Acceptable graduate work


Marginally acceptable graduate work


Unacceptable graduate work


Unacceptable graduate work (all requirements completed)


Unacceptable graduate work (all requirements not completed)


According to the Graduate School, graduate students must maintain at least a 3.0 cumulative grade-point average in the courses required for a graduate degree. No credit is given for courses in which students receive B/C, C or F grades ( Exceptions include credits taken in cognate departments that may carry a B/C or C, if approved by the CEGE Department Chair.

Students who receive a B/C, C or F in required courses must retake the courses to fulfill the requirements. Students who receive a C or F in other courses selected to fulfill requirements may elect to take a different course to fulfill the requirement.  Students are placed on probation if they receive a Q (Inadequate Progress) in research credits.