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Keys, Desks, Computers & Research Space Assignments

Each graduate student in residence is provided a desk for personal use in an office and after-hours access to that office.  However, not all students may have an office space due to space limitations. Students who have been assigned an office space will be notified by the Graduate Program Assistant when a key is ready. Students that have not been assigned an office space and feel office space is needed should contact the Graduate Program Assistant. A student's Tech Express identification card and assigned M-number grant after-hours admission to all Civil and Environmental Engineering spaces in Dow, Dillman, Great Lakes Research Center (GLRC), and Benedict Laboratory. Students working on research projects may be issued keys or card swipe access to project laboratories upon approval of the faculty member responsible for that laboratory and upon completion of all required safety training. Requests for new keys, replacements for lost keys, or swipe-card access to restricted areas should be made to the Staff Assistant. Keys or ID cards must not be passed on to anyone else, or duplicated, under ANY circumstances. Lending or duplication of keys is grounds for dismissal. Lost keys or ID cards need to be reported to supervisors as soon as they are noticed to be missing. A $100 fee is assessed for any key lost/replaced or not returned to public safety when no longer needed or when the student has graduated.

All graduate students are provided computer access through computer labs in several common areas (Dillman B002 and Dow 853) and graduate student offices. Computers for research use are provided by research advisors and must be maintained for the purpose of research.  If traveling with those computers, students need to follow the instruction given by the University policy. It is noted that carrying those computers for international travels requires special permission depending on the country. Questions and problems with computers should be directed to the Information Technology (IT) Help Desk, found on the first floor in the library or via email at The IT staff will supply you with your username and password; change your password the first time you log into your account. Please read the policies for using computers as well as using any Michigan Tech computer facilities as soon as you begin using the computers.

Students should pay particular attention to Michigan Tech computer use policies regarding
copyrights, privacy, passwords, and hacking. These can be found through the IT website, or directly at