CEGE Handbook

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Email, Mail Service, Photocopiers, Supplies and Printers


Email is the department’s primary communication tool with graduate students regarding issues such as financial support, graduate program obligations and responsibilities, and semester timelines and deadlines, to name a few. You are expected to be responsive to departmental emails at all times.

Student mailboxes are available for those that wish to have one. Student mailboxes are located on the 8th floor of the Dow Building, outside the main office. It is advisable to check your mailbox daily for mail and messages.

Photocopiers, laser printers (Dillman 201k and Dow 869), and office supplies are available for CEGE graduate students to use for research and teaching purposes only. Departmental resources are limited, so efficiencies such as double-sided printing and copying are appreciated. Please print work related material only.  Note that there are important national laws regarding photocopying copyrighted materials. If you have a question about copyright law please inquire in the library or see