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Continuous Enrollment & Residency Requirements

Continuous enrollment throughout the academic year (fall and spring semesters) is required through the semester in which students complete all degree requirements. Graduate students are not required to register for summer the session. This means students who wish to remain active in the graduate program must be enrolled every academic fall and spring semester from their first enrollment through filing the completed D8 form with the Graduate School in (a) regular courses including independent study, special projects, etc.; (b) research credits; OR (c) in one of three courses (UN5951UN5952UN5953).* Students who do not maintain active status enrollment (through one or more of the three course options above) will have to apply for re-admission to regain active status. Students may request a waiver of continuous enrollment. However, waivers of continuous enrollment will be strictly limited to one term except in the most serious situations. For more information, contact the Graduate School.

Graduate students must take at least 20 credits beyond the masters or 50 credits beyond the bachelors to obtain their Ph.D. degree through Michigan Tech.  Additionally, a minimum of two-thirds of the required coursework credits (non-research) must be completed at Michigan Tech.  Research credits used to satisfy degree requirements must be taken through Michigan Tech and must be supervised by a member of Michigan Tech's graduate faculty. Courses which meet the "through Michigan Tech" requirement are defined as courses listed by the Michigan Tech Registrar’s Office (see and taught by Michigan Tech faculty.

*Contact the Graduate School regarding these courses. Please note that tuition for these courses may not be waived and these courses may not be paid from departmental or sponsored accounts.