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Advisory Committee

The primary purpose of the Advisory Committee is to guide and monitor the research work of the student. Coursework MS students need only identify a single advisor to aid in developing their degree schedule. Research MS (thesis or report) and Ph.D. students will need to form an Advisory Committee. MS Advisory Committees typically consist of your primary research advisor, one additional faculty member within the CEGE Department, and one external member, occasionally external to the University. For the Civil Ph.D. program, the Advisory Committee consists at minimum of three members of the CEGE Ph.D. faculty and one graduate faculty member from a cognate department, or occasionally external to the University. In general, the primary research advisor will act as chair of the Advisory Committee. Once the committee is formed, the Advisor and Committee Recommendation form should be filed with the Graduate School (https://www.mtu.edu/gradschool/policies-procedures/forms-deadlines/).