MTU EWB Guatamala

The Guatemala Program of EWB-MTU has been active since 2006, working on solutions for access to clean drinking water in Cantón Libertad and Fronterizo, two neighboring communities in Guatemala. From 2007-2011, three hand-dug wells were constructed to provide water for the communities.

Since 2011, the region experienced several severe droughts, and all three wells have run dry or provided insufficient water for several weeks at a time. Community members have resorted to collecting drinking water from highly contaminated shallow wells initially, and then later the nearby Ixcán River.

These events have re-focused the community priority on the availability of local water supplies. In order to address this need, the EWB team traveled to Guatemala to assess new water supply alternatives. The EWB team and community members also worked together on maintenance of the three existing wells and pumps.





MTU EWB Bolivia

The Bolivia Program of EWB-MTU has been working on a road construction project with the community of Santa Barbara, Bolivia. The community of approximately 50 families rely on this road to access the nearby city of Buena Vista. Due to the poor local access to basic supplies, schools, and healthcare, it is important that the community members be able to travel to Buena Vista when necessary. Unfortunately, the connecting road is currently in disrepair. Damage to the road is caused by a long rainy season and a poor maintenance plan. Every year the road washes out in multiple locations, resulting in dangerous driving conditions. EWB-MTU is working to design and construct an economically and environmentally sustainable road that will remain operational and safe throughout the rainy season. 

Bolivia Project Update, Novmber 2022.