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Russell A. Gronevelt


Russell A. Gronevelt, P.E., Class of '69

Mr. Russell Gronevelt, President of Orchard Hiltz, McCliment, Inc, is originally from Livonia, Michigan. He earned his baccalaureate degree in civil engineering from Michigan Tech in 1969. Following graduation he was Engineer and then Director for the Department of Public Works for the City of Livonia. During this time, Gronevelt also earned a master's degree in civil engineering from Wayne State in 1982. In 1987 he became the Assistant County Executive/Director of Public Services in Wayne County where he was responsible for the fifth largest public works organization in the nation. Russ was honored by the American Public Works Association, in 1994, as one of the top ten public works leaders in America. In 1997, Russ joined Orchard, Hiltz, McCliment, Inc., as the Director of Transportation and became President in 1999. Orchard, Hiltz, McCliment, Inc., is a consulting firm that specializes in providing transportation, municipal and general civil engineering services.

Russ has been active in several professional associations including President and Board of Directors for the Michigan County Road Association, National Representative for the American Public Works Association, and the Board of Directors for the Michigan Chapter of the Intelligent Transportation Society.

During his years at Michigan Tech, Russ was active in the Sigma Rho fraternity. More recently he completed two terms of service on the Civil and Environmental Engineering Professional Advisory Committee. He currently serves on the Executive Committee for the CEE Department's 'Educating Graduates of Choice' Campaign and is a member of the Michigan Tech Fund Board of Trustees. Russ and his wife, Charlene, live in Plymouth, Michigan and have three sons. Their son, Rhett, recently received BSCE and MSCE degrees from Michigan Tech.